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Diving into the world of bail and bonds

Bail bonds are the cheapest way a person can rely on in order to get themselves or their loved ones out of jail and back into the community for the duration of the trial. These were brought into existence to allow everyone to take benefit of the bail system. Usually, the bail fees were extremely high, too high for an ordinary person to afford. This was not useful and gave the rich an unfair advantage over others. To balance the legal system, these bonds were then introduced.

The system now allows any person to have a loved one released on bail through the use of the bail bonds. Bonding agencies and companies offer their services to arrange for the bail of the defendant or inmate by pushing surety bonds and depositing them on behalf of the defendant into the court. The court then issues a release order for the inmate and the person is released subsequently. However, there are a few requirements which both the defendant and the guarantor (the person who signs these bonds) must fulfill.

Firstly, the guarantor who has signed the bonds must bear the financial responsibility of the defendant by paying a fraction of the actual cost of the bail. Secondly, and most importantly, the guarantor must guarantee that the defendant will attend every hearing of the court pertaining to their relative case. If the defendant was to miss out any of the hearing, the bail bonds would be voided and the guarantor will have to pay the complete fee of the bail.

While this may seem grim for the person who signs the bonds, it is equally worrying for the defendant as he/she will be permanently charged with “failure to appear”. For those seeking to use these services, always ensure that both the parties fulfill their requirements and that there is no hint of doubt in carrying out their responsibilities.

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